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If you have to ship or transport dangerous goods, you and your employees should understand how to properly work with, mail and move these items. Fortunately, you can enrol in dangerous goods courses in Wollongong-and we're here to help you and your staff members receive the proper dangerous goods training so you can confidently and safely work with flammable liquids, corrosive materials and other dangerous goods.

Since 1993, Dangerous Goods Training Services has been providing high-quality training for those in need of a dangerous goods (DG) licence. Our courses are fully accredited with the EPA, and can be taken in your company's training facility or at our chosen location. 

Obtain Proper Licensure 

Proper qualifications and training are mandatory in order to legally operate a vehicle transporting dangerous goods in Australia. If your company requires employees to drive a car, heavy vehicle or tanker containing dangerous substances, our classes will prepare you to do so with confidence. Employers and clients alike know that participants who complete our program emerge as well-informed, capable and safe drivers. 

Invest in Our Courses 

Dangerous Goods Training Services provides results you can believe in. Those in need of a DG licence can place their trust in our instructor, John Bartlett, who has over 30 years of experience in every facet of the industry. Our courses cover all important requirements, including but not limited to: 

> Documentation
> Bulk transfer
> Safety protocol

Note: Drivers who hold a P Licence are not eligible for a DG Licence.

Work With Us 

Our dangerous good courses in Wollongong are designed to exceed standard expectations. Students are assessed throughout the program, to ensure a solid understanding of the material before progressing to the next stage. We'll gladly work with any learning difficulties and we make sure to provide the same high level of training to all participants, at whatever pace they need.

Call Now 

Receiving your dangerous goods license can seem like a daunting task, but we try to make our courses and training programs as straightforward as possible. We want you to succeed and feel comfortable as you work with and transport dangerous goods, and we also want you, your employees and your clients to feel safe while these materials are being transported and handled. Whether you're located in Wollongong or elsewhere in NSW, we can assist you.

Our program can be an invaluable resource for all your DG licencing needs. For more information about our instructor, the course or our training locations, click here (http://dangerousgoodstrainingservices.com.au/course.html) or call us on 0417468922 today. 

To learn more, read about the course details and course dates before you begin enrolling your staff members.


Courses are held at Warilla Senior Citizens Hall Shellharbour  NSW 2528 Saturday and sunday

             Achieve Training Centre Port Kembla 2505           Tuesday and Wednesday          

 For more information and Booking Details Please contact Office . 
Please Ring  
 Phone 02 42951589
Mob 0417 468 922






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